Monday, June 6, 2011

Logo Re-design - Dr. Ron McMullen | Optometrist

The task was to design a new logo for Dr. Ron McMullen that would still utilize some aspects of the previous branding but bring a fresh look to the business. The element we decided to keep the same was colour. The soft shades of blue found in the previous logo were also incorporated into the interior design of the office and have become a recognizable trade mark of the business.

[Previous Logo - Dr. Ron McMullen]

[Interior Office Photo - taken by Take Root Creative]

The changes made to the previous design include updating the fonts, streamlining the background box, and most importantly creating a logo that encompasses all aspects of eye health. The idea is that just because you don't need glasses, does not mean that you don't need your eyes checked regularly. By using a graphic of an eye versus a pair of glasses, we're changing that 'focus'. (I couldn't think of any other word that would not bring to mind a pun of some sort - my apologies!)

[Dr. Ron McMullen - new logo, long version]

[Dr. Ron McMullen - new logo, square version]

In the end, we decided on two versions of the logo for ease of use in various advertisements and other applications and voila - you have a fresh look that grows with the business and it's community, while staying true to the roots it started with.

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