Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Minute Gifts {From the Shops of Uxbridge}

The clock is ticking and you still have a couple gifts to get. Maybe it's because you have an unexpected guest for dinner this year or you just haven't found the perfect thing for that special person in your life. Have no fear! We have a wide-range of gifts featured today from a gigantic gummy bear (the largest in the world!) to luxurious woven scarves made locally by Nancy Newman. Hope you feel inspired to make that last trek out there to finish off your list!

[Low's Furniture, Strawberry Threads, La Petite Fleur, Uxbridge Shoe Repair, On the Lamb, Woods & Woods, Gypz Bzar]

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stocking Stuffers {From the Shops of Uxbridge}

Even though Santa takes care of the kids stockings, mom and dad need to stuff the big socks for each other (at least that's how it works in our house!) so we've brought together a collection of things for the last minute shopper. (These also make great 'Secret Santa' gifts!)

[Presents, Presents, Presents, Baked at Frankie's, Strawberry Threads, Blue Heron Books, Woods & Woods]

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gifts for a Foodie {From the Shops of Uxbridge}

Everyone has that person in their life who knows a good wine from a great wine, or how to cook a fabulous six course meal, or how to enjoy a great cup of coffee, and if you are looking for a gift for them this holiday season, check out these great options below. And as usual, you don't have to look far - everything is available locally.

[Passionate Cook's Essentials, Tin Cup Caffe, Woods & Woods, Baked at Frankie's]

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gifts for Kids {From the Shops of Uxbridge}

Continuing with our local gift guides, today we have gifts for kids! You'll have just as much fun deciding what gift to choose as they will have unwrapping it on Christmas morning.

[Presents, Presents, Presents, Little Acorn, Blue Heron Books]

Monday, December 19, 2011

Gifts for Guys {From the Shops of Uxbridge}

Today is Day #1 of our week of last-minute gift guides all available locally. Whether it's for your father, brother, husband or good friend, buying for guys can be one of the trickiest tasks of holiday shopping. We have searched out a number of great finds to make that hard-to-buy-for man in your life giddy with glee! (Okay maybe not giddy, but certainly very happy!)

[Woods & Woods, Gypz Bzar, Presents, Presents, Presents]

Friday, December 16, 2011

We've Moved!

It's been a little while since the last blog post, but many exciting things are happening here at Take Root Creative. Firstly, we have re-located to Uxbridge, ON and are so excited to be settled in time for the holidays. Secondly, my home office is now a gorgeous serene place to work thanks to my amazing husband who spent his days off to install laminate, paint the walls and replace light fixtures. We are just doing the finishing touches and then I'll post photos of the before-and-after.

In the meantime, check out our moving announcements - inspired by a blog post from Oh So Beautiful Paper by the ladies from Antiquaria.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Uxbridge Christmas Home Tour

As much as you may not want to think about Christmas yet, it will be here before you know it! Luckily The Uxbridge Christmas Home Tour is this weekend (Saturday November 12th) so you can be inspired and have lots of time to be ready for the upcoming holiday season. Tickets are available at Blue Heron Books and Presents, Presents, Presents. Here is a little inspiration to get you in the spirit. We love this little  vintage-inspired ornament from La Petite Fleur. Make sure to see the whole series including swans, whales and baby deer!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sweet Sweaters {From the Shops of Uxbridge}

It is that time of year again when we pull out our favourite sweaters as well as start shopping for new additions to our winter wardrobe. A stylish sweater can look great with a pair of jeans or dressed up with a pair of black pants or a skirt. Best of all - you will stay warm during the chilly winter months while still looking great. Check out our favourite selections below!

PS: This Wednesday, November 9th is the Fashion for Charity event hosted by Woods & Woods. Money raised will benefit WindReach Farm. The event starts at 7:30pm at Wooden Sticks Golf Course. For tickets or more information, call (905) 852-1810.

[Avant Garde Boutique, Sue Sue Boutique, Check it Out (18 Brock St. W), Little Acorn, Woods & Woods, Strawberry Threads]

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Cards

Do you remember this art class technique? Take crayons and colour over a piece a paper. Then paint over the paper with black poster paint. Once it has dried completely, use a pointy object to scrape away parts of the painted area to reveal the crayon underneath. The paint-over-crayon creates a grainy effect.

That is what was used to create these Halloween cards which were delivered to clients last week. Happy Halloween!

[Photos taken by Take Root Creative]

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Fun {From the Shops of Uxbridge}

With four more days until Halloween you still have lots of time to deck out your house in 'spooky' style, find a last minute costume or pick up some reading material to get into the spirit of things.

Here is all the information for the books (from Blue Heron Books) featured below.
Zombie in Love by Kelly DiPucchio & Scott Campbell - $14.99
How to Draw Chiller Monsters, Werewolves, Vampires and Zombies by J. David Spurlock - $22.99
Haunted Ontario by Terry Boyle - $22.95
Cottage Country Ghosts by Maria Da Silva & Andrew Hind - $14.95
Ghost Hunt by Jason Hawes & Grant Wilson - $18.99
Jeepers Creepers by John Robert Colombo - $19.99

[Blue Heron Books, Presents, Presents, Presents, La Petite Fleur]

Thursday, October 20, 2011

{Client Appreciation Gifts} - Apple Baskets with custom stickers

In autumn there are so many fun ways to show your customers just how much they mean to you by using the season to your advantage. Here at Take Root Creative, we put together baskets of apples with custom fruit stickers featuring the TRC logo.

Looking to show a little love to your customers this season? We have lots of great ideas for autumn-themed packages. It's also not too early to start thinking about the winter holiday season!

[Three of the baskets lined up and ready to be delivered]

[A close-up of the custom fruit stickers]

[The basket and apples close up]

[The poem by Helen Moore used on the tag]

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{How to...} Create a contact form for your Facebook page

Today we are going to walk you through the steps of creating a custom contact form for your Facebook Page. We are using a service called Email Me Form which allows you to create up to five forms and receive up to 200 submissions monthly for free. Hopefully the steps are fairly clear, but if you have any questions, leave a message in the comments.

Step 1. Go to Email Me Form and create a free account

Step 2. Click 'Add Form' at the top right. (image below shows two forms already done)

Step 3. Create a form with the fields you want by double clicking the items on the left. They will then appear on the space to the right. If you want to delete an item you chose, roll over it until you see the box around it with the 'x' and click it to delete.

Step 4. Once you are finished, click 'Save Form' at the bottom. This box will appear. When a person fills out this form, it will get emailed to the address you created the account with, but if you want that to be different click on 'Modify email notifications for this form.' If not, then click on 'Take me back to the Form Manager.'

Step 5. Roll over your form in the list so you see the options pop up underneath it. Then click on 'Code.'

Step 6. Open another window or tab in your browser and go to Facebook and login. In the top searchbar of Facebook, search Static FBML and choose the first option that pops up. When it loads, click on 'Add to Page' (on the left side) under the question mark photo. If you have more than one page, a box will pop up prompting you to choose a page.

Step 7. After you have added it, click 'Close' and go to your business/organization page and click 'Edit Page' (at the top right).

Step 8. Click on 'Apps' on the left hand side.

Step 9. Within the list of apps, you'll see 'FBML 1' so underneath that, click where it says ' Go to app'

Step 10. Now go back to the tab/browser window that has your Email Me Form page open. Highlight all the code in the box and click 'copy' (either by right clicking or go to 'Edit' then 'Copy')

Step 11. Go back to you Facebook tab/browser window and click 'Paste' in the main large box. In the 'Box Title' space, type in 'Contact Us' or 'Contact Form' depending on what you want it to say. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'Save Changes.' Then go back to your page.

Step 12. On the left side under your profile picture you will see 'Contact Us' (or whatever title you entered) as one of the options. If you click on that, it will take you away from the 'Wall' of your Facebook Page to the 'Contact Us' page. It take a couple seconds to load into the space so it might look blank for second (like it didn't work) but be patient and it will load. You are finished! When someone fills out that form, it will send you an email with all the information they filled out.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

{New Work} - So Eventful Logo Design

Heather and Michelle came to Take Root Creative to design a logo for their new business - So Eventful. They wanted a brand that both speaks to their clients, who range from brides to corporate business executives, as well as represents their own personalities. We designed a customized font to create a strong logo-type that can be used on its own as well as with the 'celebration' marks and circle background. Thanks ladies for this amazing opportunity!

Friday, October 7, 2011

{Local Biz Feature} Village Cupcakery & Cafe

For those who follow Take Root Creative on Facebook, yesterday we posted a photo of a lovely pink parcel and left it up to you to think about what was inside. I say 'was' because all that is now left in that box are crumbs from what was a Pumpkin Spice Cupcake from Village Cupcakery & Cafe.

Located at 15 Main St. North in Uxbridge, this Parisian-style cafe features a carefully selected menu for enjoying a lovely lunch. If the name isn't enough to remind you to keep room for dessert, the glass display case will taunt you with a visual reminder of what lies ahead. 

Looking for a unique treat to take for a Thanksgiving dinner this weekend? Pick up a box of Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes. With creamy icing on top and a pumpkin filling at the centre, they are both delicious and fun to eat! 

[All photos taken by Take Root Creative]

Friday, September 16, 2011

Uxbridge Studio Tour - Samantha Turnbull

Our featured artist today is Samantha Turnbull. Her studio is located at S 455 Concession Road 8, Brock, Sunderland.

Samantha's work is incredibly varied in both style and subject. Today we featured the 'Rock Star' series of work which uses 'iconic images of "rock stars" and other faces from John Lennon to Feist in contrast electric colours and bold strokes for the contemporary eye.'

Make sure to check out Samantha's entire portfolio and visit her this weekend on the Uxbridge Studio Tour. Maps are available at Blue Heron Books and Presents, Presents, Presents.

[All images courtesy of Samantha Turnbull]

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Uxbridge Studio Tour - Gerd Untermann

Our featured artist today is Gerd Untermann. His studio is located at 4560 Sideline 22, Claremont.

'My work is not about me; it is about you, the beholder, whom I beg to find a moment of stillness, and touch the work as you contemplate it.' - excerpt from Gerd's artist's statement.

Visit Gerd on the Uxbridge Studio Tour this weekend and make sure to check out his website to see other examples of his work.

[All images courtesy of Gerd Untermann]

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Uxbridge Studio Tour - Cynthia Cupples

Our featured artist today is Cynthia Cupples. Her studio is located at 8319 3rd Concession, Uxbridge.

Cynthia's work, often made of porcelain, ranges from travel coffee mugs (which make a perfect gift for a teacher or friend) to larger custom designed vessels. Her creations feature original designs, or an "Ode to Group of Seven," or "Ode to Matisse" theme.

Cynthia also offers pottery lessons as well as paint-your-own-ceramics parties for both children and adults. Visit her website for more information and check out the Uxbridge Studio Tour website to find out more information about all the artists participating.

[All images supplied by Cynthia Cupples]

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Uxbridge Studio Tour - Sparks will fly forge

Our featured artist today is Mark Puigmarti of Sparks Will Fly Forge. His studio is located at 402 Reach St. Port Perry.

Artist's Statement: "Yellow hot metal...focus...controlled violent blows...more heat...repeat again and again. Result...metal transformed with energy and passion."

See examples of Mark's work below but also make sure to visit his website to see sketches of these pieces during the creative process. Visit the Uxbridge Studio Tour website for all the information you need to visit Sparks Will Fly Forge this weekend.

[All images courtesy of Sparks Will Fly Forge]

Monday, September 12, 2011

Uxbridge Studio Tour - Lynne McIlvride Evans

In Uxbridge we are very lucky to have a thriving arts community. Whether it is visual, performance, or written arts, we have many local groups, events and venues through which people of every age can experience our community in many different ways. There is no better time to do this then in September during the Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts.

One of the many highlights of this festival is the Uxbridge Studio Tour (this weekend - September 17th and 18th) which takes us into the creative spaces of 30 artists who also invited 30 more artists to showcase their work at the same time. Each day this week on the Take Root Creative blog, we will be featuring one artist who you can see this weekend on the tour.

I am currently working on expanding my descriptive vocabulary since words like 'beautiful' and 'stunning' are not conveying the way I truly feel when I look at the work of these artists. Therefore, with all of our features this week, you will see descriptions of the artist's work from their own words and then accompanying images. Most importantly, make sure to visit these artist's studios and see the work in person. No words can describe that kind of experience.

Our first featured artist is Lynne McIlvride Evans. Her studio is located at 415 Scugog Line 8, Port Perry.

Artist's Statement: "My constructed paintings are built up layers of paper, canvas, glass, all manner of paints, gold leaf, found objects, and other materials that I can no longer recall. Some layers conceal and others reveal but in the end each work is a whole world -- a portrait of 'all there is, seen and unseen.'"

Lynne's recent experiences have directed her into landscape painting which you can see below. Visit her website to see more of her work and read about her residency in Montserrat, Catalonia, Spain. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

{5 Things to Do This Fall} - Part 1

1. Learn to knit. 
Ellen, of On The Lamb, assured me that anyone can make the cozy gorgeous scarf pictured below. Get going on it now and you'll have a stock pile of gifts for the holidays!

2. Invest in a good pair of warm socks. 
When the temperatures begin to dip, your feet will stay toasty warm in these durable socks by Scotch & Soda from Strawberry Threads.

3. Learn about an important Canadian like Terry Fox. 
On Sunday September 18th, Canadians across the country will take part in the Terry Fox Run. Douglas Coupland's book Terry takes both a visual and informative look at this incredible Canadian. Pick it up at Blue Heron Books.

4. Add some autumn-themed curb appeal. 
Mums are great because they are hearty (so they aren't easy to harm with lack of attention) and they look beautiful! Pick up a couple at La Petite Fleur.

5. Go on the Uxbridge Studio Tour. 
Speaking of great holiday gifts, the Uxbridge Studio Tour provides the perfect opportunity for finding one-of-kind pieces and meeting the talented artists who create them. You might find you'll be keeping everything for yourself!

[Uxbridge Studio Tour, On the Lamb, Blue Heron Books, Strawberry Threads, La Petite Fleur]

Friday, September 2, 2011

{Marketing Tips} - Things you can do in under 5 minutes

Our last post for this series is all about research. It's a way to receive new and relevant information every day so you can grow your knowledge and stay up to date with changes both in the world of small business and the specific industry you work within.

If you are not familiar with Google Reader, you will quickly learn that it can be both your best friend and your worst enemy at the same time. What Google Reader allows you to do it compile every blog/website/online information source into one place so you don't have to visit each bookmarked URL to check for new posts. It is a time saver, but once you start reading new articles and updates, you will be be surprised at how fast time will past. Make sure to monitor how much time you spend on Google Reader - it can become very addicting!

The first thing you need to do it set up a Google account if you don't have one already (Gmail is a google account) then go to and login. You will see the screen below:

Click on 'Add a subscription' at the top left to add the feeds of blogs you want to follow. Where do you find these 'feeds' you may ask? On the Take Root Creative blog it is the orange and white symbol on the right side of the page.

When you click it, you will be directed to the 'feed' of the blog. Copy the URL at the top of your web browser (the 'www.' part) and paste it in the box that appeared when you clicked 'Add a subscription' in Google Reader.

What should you follow? Anything that you find interesting or relevant to your business. You can start with our blog, as well as the blogs of other local businesses in your area. Here are a few other recommendations to get you started: - this is a great resource for social media news, technology and business tips
American Express Open Forum - this forum features short but extremely relevant articles by contributing business owners.
The Financial Post - features articles online from the print version of the paper

Another way to find relevant blogs is to check out any trade publications your receive in the mail. Chances are high that they have a blog you can subscribe to. Have any favourite resources you already follow? Let us know in the comments section.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

{Marketing Tips} - Thing you can do in under 5 minutes

We continue today with our mini-series featuring easy-to-do marketing tips. Tomorrow will be a last post in this feature.
  1. Take a file folder and label it 'Advertising Inspiration' then put it somewhere easily accessible. every time you see an ad in the newspaper you like, or receive a postcard or flyer in the mail that grabs your attention, stash it away in this folder. When it comes time to create some marketing collateral for yourself, you'll have your file of ideas for reference.
  2. Offer a time-sensitive discount coupon via Twitter or Facebook (or both) You can do this a bunch of ways but here is one option. Post a comment in the morning to your followers saying that there will be a special time-sensitive deal posted at 1:00 pm and to check back at that time. At 1:00 pm post the deal. Tell your followers that if they post a comment between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm, they will receive a coupon (via private Facebook or Twitter message). At 2:00pm, send the promised coupon to all followers who commented during that time frame. Make sure to talk about the missed deal to the other followers who did not get it so they make sure to check back regularly.

    You can also take it one step further by tagging on some market research. In your post, ask your followers a question to answer in the comments that will help you make some decisions. For example, you could say this: "Leave a comment here telling us your favourite fall fashion trend between 1:00 and 2:00 pm to receive your 20% off coupon. " Not only are you offering an incentive to get customers in the store, but you are finding out what your followers are looking to purchase for their fall wardrobe updates.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{Marketing Tips} - Things you can do in under 5 minutes

  1. Add your business listing to YLM (Your Local Marketplace) - an online database for local businesses. It only takes a few minutes to do and you can include links to your website, Facebook page, Twitter account etc. which will boost your search engine optimization.
  2. Sign up for the newsletters of as many other local businesses you can think of to stay up to date with what they are doing. You might get inspired to do a cross promotion with a nearby shop.
  3. Offer to write a guest post for another local business's blog. It's a way to reach out to another local audience plus it benefits the other business with the new eyes you might draw. (The offer will be 5 minutes while writing the post might be a bit longer...)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{Marketing Tips} - Things you can do in under 5 minutes

Today we begin our miniseries with tips to improve your small business marketing. Some are very simple and can be done immediately as you are sitting at your computer while others will take some thought. The best part is that they take 5 minutes (or less) to do!

  1. Celebrate the "special awareness days, weeks or months" with a savings coupon or targeted offering. For example, the second week in April is Ontario Coaches Week. If you owned a sports store you could offer a special discount to coaches during that week. Click here for a list of all the dates/weeks/months celebrated in Canada. (via Susan Kuchinskas on the American Express Open Forum)
  2. Get your business profile on LinkedIn. Not sure how to do that? This article will tell you how.
  3. Download one of these free podcasts from Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders to listen to while working on other projects.

Monday, August 29, 2011

{Sweet Treats} - Bredin's Bakery Beavertails

I never officially wrapped up the {Sweet Treats} segment from July because there was something missing...

Bredin's Bakery is a tradition in our house when it comes to birthdays. I always request a Bredin's chocolate cake while my sister always asks for vanilla. But besides birthday cakes, there is a trend sweeping the town and it is in the form of a decadent sugar-dipped pastry called a Beavertail. A relatively new offering in the world of Bredin's, these pastries are often sold out early in the morning so you have to be quick to score a batch. At 85 cents each, these pastries are definitely big enough to share but you just might find that you want the whole thing all to yourself.

[Bredin's Bakery - 12 Brock St. W, Uxbridge, (905) 852 7146]

Friday, August 26, 2011

{Trends Taking Root} - Travel Items

Since my sister is travelling to Vancouver for an extended period time it got me thinking about my favourite travel things. Whenever flying anywhere, it is important to be comfortable - especially if your flight is lengthy. My favourite outfit is a pair of leggings, a soft cotton t-shirt and a super comfy sweater. This shawl-collar cardi does the job perfectly!

When travelling to Vancouver it is important to take the weather into consideration (ie: the often present rain). What better way to stride through wet weather in style then with a pair of Hunter boots and a bubble umbrella!

And not to be forgotten when travelling is a great book. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants is an all-time favourite series to read while vacationing. Enjoy a quiet moment in the airport or at your destination with your book and a cup of loose-leaf tea with the David's Tea travel mug.

These are some of my recommendations for packing, but don't forget to leave room for things you find along your journey!

[Strawberry Threads, Urban Outfitters (umbrella and bag), Blue Heron Books, Burt's Bees, David's Teas]

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthday Ideas {From the Shops of Uxbridge}

August is a big month for birthdays in our house since both my husband and I celebrate ours, and we also have several friends who share this month with us. A beautiful dress, a little bubbly... fun ways to celebrate! Take a look at some of these birthday-themed finds from your local shops.

[Presents, Presents, Presents, Strawberry Threads, The Passionate Cook, La Petite Fleur]

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Books I Love...

I am a sucker for books. I can go into a used bookstore and be there for hours sifting through dusty stacks of old books looking for a hidden gem. What kind of books you may ask? Well I do love a fiction novel, but in this case, I am talking about the large hard cover format with illustrations or photographs. They are often about design (advertising or interior design) or sometimes they just feature artists.

They can even be cookbooks. For my birthday last week, my sister gave me a super thick cookbook called Tuscany. It's a gorgeous book feature featuring brilliant food photography as well as antidotes about where the ingredients come from accompanied by more photos.

Over the years I have ordered online, discovered in store and been given numerous books which I often thumb through for inspiration before starting a new project. Here are a few of my favourites.

(Top to bottom)

1. The Fashion Book by Phaidon - is a collection of biographies with accompanying images for fashion designers, illustrators and photographers.

2. Creative, INC. by Meg Mateo Ilasco and Joy Deangdeelert Cho - is exactly as it's subtitle says 'The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business.' It is a great resource that is easy to read and perfect for highlighting points to remember. Unlike other business books, this one is specific to the creative industry which is why it is so useful.

3. Design It Youself  by Ellen Lupton - is a great resource for any small business owner because it has step-by-step instructions on how to create many promotional materials such as blogs, newsletters, note cards and even books.

4. domino by domino editors Deborah Needleman, Sara Ruffin Costello and Dara Caponigro - From the  time I picked up the very first issue of domino Magazine until it's final issue when the mag went defunct, I waited impatiently for the next issue each month. I still have every magazine ever issued and refer to them constantly. domino was a shelter magazine that went far beyond home decor. The book subsequently is all that remains and therefore is the best reference to have from this invaluable resource that was the magazine.

5. The Photo Book by Phaidon - is one of those books you pick up and start flipping through and then realize that many hours have passed. Formatted in the same way as The Fashion Book, The Photo Book features more photographers then you can ever imagine existed. The images are stunning and accompanying bios and descriptions bring even more life to each page.

6. The Small Stakes Music Posters by Jason Munn - features a collection of silkscreened posters for indie bands (or at least they started that way). Many of the bands featured have become household names and still tap Munn for his brilliance in both the techniques of silkscreening and his ability to visually depict their music.

7. Etcetera by Sibella Court - I've talked about this book before so I won't go into too much detail. Sibella Court is a stylist from Australia who has become world renowned for using the things you have in your home (or find on your travels) to create a space you will love to in. This book goes far, far beyond what you would imagine for a book about your house and the photography combined with graphics and typography take you on a visual journey that is captivating.

Don't forget to visit Blue Heron Books to order any of the above titles!

Friday, August 5, 2011

{How to...} - Claim your domain/username on Facebook

You've made the leap to put your business on Facebook and you're posting photos and information and have gained some followers. There are many other things you can do with this social application, but one really simple thing to do is claim your domain (or username as Facebook calls it).

What does that mean? For example, if you visit the Take Root Creative Facebook page and look in the web address box of your internet browser, you will see For pages that have not created a username, it will have your page name with dashes in between and a bunch of numbers at the end.

Why do you want to do this? Well for starters, it makes it easier to direct people to your Facebook page - especially if you don't have a website for your business. You are probably thinking that people can just search your business and find it that way. That is true, but since people are always looking for simplicity (especially when doing anything online), it is best to make it as easy as possible.

Another good reason is to boost your standing on Google. This will help Google to direct people to your business when they search your business name. When you see the example below, you'll notice that we weren't able to get the first choice this client wanted, so do it now to ensure you get your business name! Plus, this is one of the easiest things you can do with Facebook.

(You must have at least 25 people who have clicked "Like" on your page to be able to do this. If you do, proceed with steps below)

We are going to use the Facebook business page for Mallory McGrath (singer/musician) as our example:

1. Log in to you Facebook account and go to

2. The top box is where you can pick a username for your personal Facebook profile. Feel free to do that as well if you wish. The second box below is where you manage your page usernames. Click on 'Page' to get the dropdown menu of pages you manage (you may only have the one option of your business page, but some people manage multiple pages)

3. Select the page you want to create a username for

4. Where it says 'Enter desired username' type in what you want your username to be. Don't use spaces and only use '.' (dots) to break up text if necessary. Think of a website address because your username will end up being a web address (

5. If you type in a username that is taken already, it will prompt you to pick another one. Once you pick something that is available, a window will open up to make sure you want that username. This is very important because as you'll see when you read the warnings, you cannot change this name EVER. So make sure there are no spelling errors! Then hit 'Confirm'.

6. The last window that pops up just tells you that your username has been set and gives you the link once more so you can share it with all your fans. Now you're done! See? That was easy!