Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Super 8 + Cameras

Even in this digital age where anything is possible, we are still attracted to photography techniques of the past ...we just might use a digital means to get there. Super 8, set in the summer of 1979 follows a group of kids who witness a train crash while filming a Super 8 movie. Not only is the footage shot by the kids reminiscent of 1970s/80s home movies, but Super 8 has a vintage look itself with the way light beams are distorted when they enter the camera. You get a sense you are watching a film versus being in the film as is customary.

Whether you are snapping photos or shooting footage, there are several options out there for achieving the techniques from an older camera without having to revive a relic. Super 8 has released a video iPhone App in time for the movie and still photo programs like the popular Instagram are both free to download.

Here are some options of both cameras and apps to check out:

[Image Credits: Super 8, Super 8 App, Instagram, Photojojo, Polaroid, Urban Outfitters]

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