Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Local Biz Feature - Twinkleberry Farms

I have a fairly vivid memory of picking strawberries at Twinkleberry Farms as a child. My mom would take my sister and I, and we would spend the afternoon crouched down in the field looking for the juiciest berries we could find - which sometimes ended up in my mouth before reaching the basket!

There is nothing as yummy as fresh strawberries that are still warm from the summer sun and luckily we have that luxury with locals farms such as Twinkleberry. They also sell the strawberries pre-picked along with a selection of fresh vegetables, pickles and fudge among other things. If it isn't grown on the farm, it comes from another local farm nearby.

So make a family outing and head on over to Twinkleberry Farms - 8900 Main St. N. at the corner of Sandford Rd. in Uxbridge.

[Twinkleberry Farms - 905 852 9498. Image Credits: Take Root Creative]

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