Thursday, May 26, 2011

Unique Places to Visit - The Neon Boneyard, Las Vegas

We just recently bit the bullet and got satellite TV (just in time for hockey playoffs - Go Canucks Go!) and discovered a great show on A&E called Storage Wars. To those people who have been watching this for a while - I realize that I'm not the first person out there to be addicted to this show, but it truly is a scavenger's dream. 

To those who aren't familiar with the show, they auction off storage lockers where the renters have defaulted on payments. The bidders are only allowed to look in from the door opening, but not go inside and sometimes they strike it rich with great finds, while other times things don't work out so well. 

On one recent episode, one of the bidders ends of up with a storage locker from Vegas that has a small light-up sign. In order to verify the value of his find, he visits the Neon Boneyard (a.k.a The Neon Museum) located in where else but Las Vegas. This is where old neon come to rest long after they are replaced. They don't light up, but all the colours of these vintage signs make for an interesting montage. 

Visit their website for more info and this Flickr group for more great images or, if you find yourself in Vegas, drop in for a tour!

[Image Credit: Neon Museum]

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