Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day - Homemade Gift

Here is the project I chose for my mom, mother-in-law, and grandmas - the solar lights in a jar.

First pick up a couple of solar lights. Make sure you can easily remove the light and battery portion from the rest of the fixture (see below). These ones are from Canadian Tire for $3.99

Remove the light and battery from the rest of the fixture. Leave in the tab that keeps the battery from activating. You can put a little note in with the gift to explain how to activate it.

Take your jars and spray with the frosted spray paint. It dries completely in ten minutes (as per the can) so you can do this whole project within a day. Make sure the frosting is completely coated on the glass but make sure not to coat the lid (that is where the solar light will be glued and needs to be visible to the sun). 

Use a strong glue (I used Gorilla glue) to adhere the solar lights to the inside of the jar lids. I originally glued the top of the light around the solar panel, but the glue dries foggy and affected how well the light charged so glue it around the sides instead.

Make sure they can dry flat by propping something underneath.

Here are some taller ones I made for myself. They provide a fun glowing effect! This project was super easy and makes a great Mother's Day gift. Thanks to Free People Clothing Blog for posting this project!

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