Thursday, May 19, 2011

Snap + Tumble: Letterpress Goods

There is something about letterpress goods that is so appealing. I think it's the handmade look about it or the way it leaves a tactile feel to the paper. Either way I have always been fascinated by the process and would love to see how it works in person one day.

Snap + Tumble is a home-based letterpress operation, run by Tanya Roberts of Toronto, that goes beyond the norm using a wide range of materials and concepts. Stationary is just a small portion of the work Roberts creates.

The Letterpress Loot Bag features a mixture of things - perfect for someone like me who has a fascination with all things letterpress. This vibrant assortment of items not only acts as a portfolio, but also showcases the various options with this type of printing. Check out other work from Snap + Tumble below and on her website.

[Letterpress Loot Bag - Snap + Tumble]

[Assortment of cards - Snap + Tumble]

[Other examples of work - Snap + Tumble]

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