Monday, September 12, 2011

Uxbridge Studio Tour - Lynne McIlvride Evans

In Uxbridge we are very lucky to have a thriving arts community. Whether it is visual, performance, or written arts, we have many local groups, events and venues through which people of every age can experience our community in many different ways. There is no better time to do this then in September during the Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts.

One of the many highlights of this festival is the Uxbridge Studio Tour (this weekend - September 17th and 18th) which takes us into the creative spaces of 30 artists who also invited 30 more artists to showcase their work at the same time. Each day this week on the Take Root Creative blog, we will be featuring one artist who you can see this weekend on the tour.

I am currently working on expanding my descriptive vocabulary since words like 'beautiful' and 'stunning' are not conveying the way I truly feel when I look at the work of these artists. Therefore, with all of our features this week, you will see descriptions of the artist's work from their own words and then accompanying images. Most importantly, make sure to visit these artist's studios and see the work in person. No words can describe that kind of experience.

Our first featured artist is Lynne McIlvride Evans. Her studio is located at 415 Scugog Line 8, Port Perry.

Artist's Statement: "My constructed paintings are built up layers of paper, canvas, glass, all manner of paints, gold leaf, found objects, and other materials that I can no longer recall. Some layers conceal and others reveal but in the end each work is a whole world -- a portrait of 'all there is, seen and unseen.'"

Lynne's recent experiences have directed her into landscape painting which you can see below. Visit her website to see more of her work and read about her residency in Montserrat, Catalonia, Spain. 

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