Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{How to...} Create a contact form for your Facebook page

Today we are going to walk you through the steps of creating a custom contact form for your Facebook Page. We are using a service called Email Me Form which allows you to create up to five forms and receive up to 200 submissions monthly for free. Hopefully the steps are fairly clear, but if you have any questions, leave a message in the comments.

Step 1. Go to Email Me Form and create a free account

Step 2. Click 'Add Form' at the top right. (image below shows two forms already done)

Step 3. Create a form with the fields you want by double clicking the items on the left. They will then appear on the space to the right. If you want to delete an item you chose, roll over it until you see the box around it with the 'x' and click it to delete.

Step 4. Once you are finished, click 'Save Form' at the bottom. This box will appear. When a person fills out this form, it will get emailed to the address you created the account with, but if you want that to be different click on 'Modify email notifications for this form.' If not, then click on 'Take me back to the Form Manager.'

Step 5. Roll over your form in the list so you see the options pop up underneath it. Then click on 'Code.'

Step 6. Open another window or tab in your browser and go to Facebook and login. In the top searchbar of Facebook, search Static FBML and choose the first option that pops up. When it loads, click on 'Add to Page' (on the left side) under the question mark photo. If you have more than one page, a box will pop up prompting you to choose a page.

Step 7. After you have added it, click 'Close' and go to your business/organization page and click 'Edit Page' (at the top right).

Step 8. Click on 'Apps' on the left hand side.

Step 9. Within the list of apps, you'll see 'FBML 1' so underneath that, click where it says ' Go to app'

Step 10. Now go back to the tab/browser window that has your Email Me Form page open. Highlight all the code in the box and click 'copy' (either by right clicking or go to 'Edit' then 'Copy')

Step 11. Go back to you Facebook tab/browser window and click 'Paste' in the main large box. In the 'Box Title' space, type in 'Contact Us' or 'Contact Form' depending on what you want it to say. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'Save Changes.' Then go back to your page.

Step 12. On the left side under your profile picture you will see 'Contact Us' (or whatever title you entered) as one of the options. If you click on that, it will take you away from the 'Wall' of your Facebook Page to the 'Contact Us' page. It take a couple seconds to load into the space so it might look blank for second (like it didn't work) but be patient and it will load. You are finished! When someone fills out that form, it will send you an email with all the information they filled out.

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