Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fun things for mid-week!

It is Wednesday night so only two more days until the weekend! Here are a few fun things to keep your creative mind fresh until then.

Vintage Desktop/iPhone/iPad Backgrounds

Want to change up your desktop or phone background? Visit the Maraid Design Blog for a collection of vintage images sized perfectly to suit the technology of your choice. (via How About Orange)

Hearing about Instagram and wondering what it's all about?

Check out this Beginners Guide from Mashable.

Mint Honey Favours

Check One Lovely Day by Project Wedding to see how to make these mint honey wedding favours. They could also work as a small gift to accompany larger presents. 

DIY Floral Print Bangles

Want a fun and easy weekend project? Visit P.S.- I made this... on YouTube to see the tutorial video for making these fun and trendy bracelets.

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