Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Montreal - Under Pressure Fresh Paint Pop-up Gallery

It is always refreshing to travel to another city or town and stumble upon something really neat. In my case it was this past weekend when we travelled to Montreal. While walking around the city one night, came across this old building with signs outside directing us to come inside for an exhibit (for a requested donation). Despite the fact that it looked slightly sketchy, we took a chance, dropped a few bucks into the box and went inside.

Boy were we glad we did! The theme of the exhibit was skateboarding and the work ranged from painting, to installations to furniture. The building itself (which you can see in the background of the photos below) must have been quite glamourous in its day but has since decayed into such ruin that it is practically un-rentable. The landlord donated the space for this pop-up gallery which began last August. Check out some of our favourites below!


Eaglesk8 by Julien Deniau

Bombs, Bubble Gum & Babylon by Gawd
'Sans Title' by Joel Marleau

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