Thursday, March 8, 2012

Should your business be into Pinterest?

Want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to social media? If your business does anything visually related, get signed up with Pinterest.

How does it work?

Firstly, you have to either request an invitation or be invited by a friend who already has a Pinterest account but it it free. Once you have your own login, you can add the 'Pin It' button to the bookmarks bar of your web browser. Now you are ready to begin 'pinning' to your account!

While you are browsing the web, look for images that inspire you or you think your customers will find inspiring. When you see a web page with an image you want to pin, click the 'Pin It' button on your bookmarks bar.

A new page will load with all the images on that page placed side-by-side.

When you roll over the image you want to 'Pin' you will see 'Pin it' appear over top. Click your image.

Click on your image and it will load with a drop-down option to choose your Pinboard. (You have the option to create new Pinboards here at this stage too) And you also write a description underneath of the image. 

When you are done, click 'Pin It' and you will have added that image to your board. The next page that loads will give you the option to share your pin on Facebook, Twitter etc. 

Where does it go and how do I find it?

If you visit and login, you will see all of your boards and pins. The best thing about Pinterest is that when you click the image, it takes you to the website from where you pinned it. This means that you can pin images from recipes, craft techniques, knitting patterns - pretty much anything! 

How does this effect my business?

Use Pinterest to make note of things you find on the web quickly and easily. It creates a virtual online sketchbook in an organized way. Use Pinterest to bookmark trends within your industry, window display ideas, or advertising concepts you may want to try. Instead of having to bookmark something and then sort through hundreds of bookmarks later, Pinterest gives you a visual reference accessible from any computer. 

Connect with your customers by becoming a visual resource for their needs. Is your business involved in home decorations and accessories? Create relevant Pinboards for your customers to follow to stay on top of trends. Chances are that if you find it inspiring, so will your customers. 

What can I do with this?

Try to add a button to your website that says "Follow me on Pinterest" to encourage site visitors to follow your pins. Follow the pins of other local businesses. Pins posted by people you follow will show up on your Pinterest main page and you can also 'Explore' by changing the category at the top of the page.

Check it out and have fun! And if you're looking for someone to follow,

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